The Russian Embassy in Abkhazia asks tourists to avoid the center of Sukhum, where protests continue

the Russian Embassy in Abkhazia reminded the tourists from Russia about the need to avoid the centre of Sukhum, where on Friday at the building of the presidential administration rallies continued.

“In the city centre it is better not to appear in the center of the presidential administration and the government buildings because all the tension concentrated there”, — TASS was told at the Embassy.

According to the Embassy, in other parts of the country the situation remained calm. At night around the building there were about 100 protesters.

the Political crisis in Abkhazia arose on Thursday, when protesters from the presidential administration, demanding the resignation of Raul Khadzhimba, broke into the building. The President of Abkhazia gathered an emergency meeting of the security Council, after which did not rule out the imposition of emergency in the country.

the Minister of defence of Abkhazia Mirab Kishmaria called on the authorities and the opposition not to push people and to reach a compromise. According to him, the army will not interfere in internal political processes. All military units are in places of permanent deployment.

Meanwhile, in the centre of Sukhumi going to be another rally. All night there were demonstrators. The day before they came out with a demand to hold new presidential elections. The protesters tried to take the presidential administration building by storm. And is closer by the night the Parliament of Abkhazia at an extraordinary session adopted an appeal to the President calling him to resign. Even Khajimba said that is the legitimate President and not going to go anywhere. However, I am willing to discuss all issues with the opposition at the negotiating table, the TV channel “Russia 24”.