The Russian experts presented the report of the mission Putin

Over the past 20 years Russia has made significant progress in increasing the citizens ‘ well-being and life expectancy, the recovery of production, the growth of military power. To achieve these objectives were targeted long-term work of Vladimir Putin. The Russian experts presented the report of the mission President and the lessons for the political leaders of the future, the TV channel “Russia 24”.

“First was secured sovereignty, eliminated the threat of terrorism in the North Caucasus, eliminated the threat, in principle, the collapse of Russia, because the first thing that made Putin one of the first decrees is the establishment of envoys, Federal districts, said the political scientist Oleg Matveychev, Professor at the National research University “Higher school of Economics”. And the first task, which was delivered to the envoys is bringing the legislation of the Russian Federation according to the Russian Constitution, Russian law. Thus eliminated the threat of separatism. To further cope with the threat of terrorism, then was given the task to ensure the defense capability. The results we saw in one of his last Letters, which showed modern weapons. And, as Putin said in the Message, for the first time in history we do not catch up, and catch up with us.”