The Russian foreign Ministry pointed to the aggressiveness of the outer course of the United States

“the greatest strategic threats” in space with Russia and China said in a space policy of the United States Washington. However, the United States do not bother to provide any evidence of these assertions, the commentary of the Russian foreign Ministry on the publication of “Military space strategy” of the United States. Washington accuses Moscow of the fact that Russian Military doctrine 2014 transforms the space into an arena of warfare, although nothing in this document is not mentioned.

the Space strategy of the United States confirms the aggressive thrust of Washington’s policy in space, according to the Russian dipvedomstva. In this document a clearly defined end goal – “to ensure American military superiority in space.” The Pentagon’s focus on military use of space capabilities, it is noted that the use of space the United States and its partners and allies must be backed by military force not only for defensive purposes, but to inflict defeat. The Russian foreign Ministry emphasizes that the Russian armed forces in space have a purely defensive task.

This, says the Russian foreign Ministry, warning of aerospace attack, and preparedness to repel the attacks of air and space attack, deployment, and maintenance of the strategic space zone, orbital groupings that support the activities of the armed forces of the spacecraft, improving the system of aerospace defense.

Russian diplomats warn that an armed confrontation in space would have adverse consequences for international security and strategic stability.

the Russian foreign Ministry urged the US to adopt a responsible attitude.

“we Remind you that all previous attempts of Washington to secure the superiority in the military sphere are invariably tensions and dangerous arms race,” — said in Cmolenski square.