The Russian Grand celebrated 75-th anniversary of Victory

Author: Dmitry Kiselev

on 24 June, the Russian Grand celebrated 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war. The day-to-day with a historical Parade of the winners of 1945 year in red square hosted the main military parade in the country. And spectacular point of the celebrations in Moscow was the incredible beauty of the fireworks. Unforgettable footage. Salute in honor of the winners lasted for 15 minutes. Issued 10 thousand charges. And at the end the night sky of the capital was illuminated by the colors of the Russian flag.

Festive shots this day is sounded across the country from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad — Saint Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and, of course, on Mamaev hill Volgograd right after a big concert for the 75th anniversary of the Victory.

the celebration actively engaged the Russians of all ages. Spontaneous children’s art competition on the asphalt “I draw with chalk” was held in the yards, on the squares and streets of cities throughout the country. Connected adults, and then photos of works scattered in social networks.

Another national campaign — “Rays of Victory”. 10 minutes before the fireworks in many cities of the country spotlights air defense guns and light brightly lit up the sky in honor of the winners.

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In honor of the Victory Parade buzzing sailing ships “Sedov” and “Pallada” in Vladivostok — with the banner of Victory, they traveled the Earth, having 26 thousand nautical miles. Buzzing warships and civilian vessels. They are echoed by Church bells across the country. A special day for the newly built main temple of the Armed forces, because the Cathedral is dedicated to the feat of arms of the people.

At this point, at aerodromes his place at the start of the take helicopters and planes on the Russian VKS — from light fighters to heavy strategic bombers.

in Moscow, shudders, moving many kilometers convoy of military equipment. The direction of Red square. Volunteers are carefully escorted to the podium of the most expensive guestth veterans.

And here is the moment the Red square carried the sacred banner of Victory. Among the guests Semyon Yakovlevich Lyulko party of the legendary parade in June 1945.

on this day, the parade — cadets, Nakhimov cadets — the future of our army – and, of course, thousands of existing officers honored.

there Comes a time when the President is supposed to adopt the report of the Minister of defence. Rose was behind him the soldiers immediately Putin gestures makes it clear that they decided to spare myself and did not get up. Addressing the veterans and all citizens of Russia, the President speaks about “the most ambitious in its scope, value, moral and spiritual height” and the Parade of winners, held at the Kremlin walls exactly 75 years ago — June 24, 1945.

“This parade went down in history as a triumph of unprecedented power, as the triumph of good over evil, peace over war, life over death. Today we bow our heads before the blessed memory of all who came from the war. Mourn the veterans who have left us. Our people were able to defeat the terrible total evil. This is the main, honest, no turbid truth about the war. We know the face of the challenges facing the planet today are especially keenly feel what is the greatest value of man, his dreams, joy, hope, peace, calm, productive life. Our gratitude to you, dear veterans, are immense. Glory to the generation that defeated Nazism! Glory to the heroes of the great Patriotic war!” – said the President.

as If animated in the eyes of the great story. In the form 1945 — infantry with Mosin rifle. Pilots, sailors, guards and engineers. In the United ranks — soldiers of the CIS, former republics of the Soviet Union in those years, the enemy fought together shoulder to shoulder. For a division of peacekeeping forces of Azerbaijan is the front payment of the soldiers. Uzbek leader Shavkat Mirzieev shakes the hands of the veteran at the time when the pavement is a division of the Tashkent military district.

Under the banners of famous guerrilla were soldiers of Belarus. Alyaksandr Lukashenka shares his impressions with the veteran. And the President of Serbia puts his hand on his heart, looking at his troops. On the pavement were subdivisions of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, and Mongolia. On the machines of Victory drove the representatives of Turkmenistan. Military from China and India marched under the same rhythm — 120 beats per minute — but their particular stride and style. And, of course, our rocketeers, paratroopers, Marines. Immaculate saluting.

the most admiring glances caught the soldiers were women. They passed under the world famous “Katyusha”. The front of the box and barely leave the area, as I hear the roar of engines. Travel technology offer legendary T-34. And self-propelled guns during the war su-100. And then the most recent samples of military equipment. Infantry fighting vehicles “Armata” and “kurganets-25”, equipped with new combat units “Dagger” and “Era”. Gunners introduced the newest and most powerful jet system of volley fire “Tornado-s”, which replaced the famous “Tornado”. The firing range of 120 kilometers. And the pride of modernized airborne assault vehicle tested ready for the landing.

On parade — an unprecedented number of new products: heavy flamethrower system TOS-2 on the wheeled chassis, which the military called “Lisochka”. First time here, saw and upgraded infantry combat vehicles BMP-2M with combat module “Berezhok”. It includes automatic sestagnol the fire control system and anti-tank complex “cornet”. Several premieres from the air defense — air defense missile system s-350 “Vityaz, stream-lined Shell with a set of small missiles to destroy drones and the Arctic variant on the tracks — these are stationed in the Arctic. In the spotlight — mighty “YARS” mobile missile systems of strategic purpose, an integral part of nuclear deterrence.

In the anniversary Victory parade attended by a record number of military equipment — 234 fighting machine. A clear demonstration of the power and modern image of the Russian army.

accurate to a second in the sky over Moscow appears aircraft. The head of building, the Mi — 26 is the world’s largest serial transport helicopter. Then eventually the whole range of domestic combat helicopters: “Alligators,” “Night hunters”.

Immediately after the rotorcraft appears A-50 early warning aircraft. His alternate formidable representatives of the nuclear triad — turboprop strategic bombers Tu-95 and supersonic Tu – 160. One of the “White swans”, as they call these machines showed looks like refueling in the air. Filigree pilots directly over the center of the capital.

In the sky — fighter aircraft — MiG-29 and MiG-31, equipped with hypersonic systems “Dagger”, not having analogues in the world.

the fifth generation Aircraft su-57 surprise with its unusual shape. Followed by tactical wing at once from 10 different planes “Dry”. The centre of Moscow at a glance. And of course the famous “Cuban diamond” — combines the figure of the pilot groups Strizhi and Russian Vityazi.

the culmination of the aerial part of the parade — the su-25 color the sky of the capital in the colors of the Russian flag. Just the sky over Moscow flew 75 helicopters and airplanes. On earth in this moment — a storm of emotions. And the highest rating from the veterans: “Well done. Thank you to those who did. It is a great happiness to be in these stands.” At the end of the parade “the Day Pobedy”.

a Large and colorful parades on this day were held in Saint-Petersburg. The celebrations were held in the hero-city of Tula. Parade in the most Western point of Russia — in Kaliningrad. In Novosibirsk, the pilots took to the air with the portraits of their heroic grandfathers and great grandfathers. In Sevastopol passed the aviation and Maritime part of the parade. In the Bay in the festive build — battle ships and a submarine.

In different cities was held a traditional mini-parade in the yard of houses for those veterans who are unable to come to the Central square and stayed home. These folk festivals with brass bands, congratulations of veterans and dancing in the squares. And across the country on this day the sky had released white doves. Included both adults and children. A symbol of peace and appreciation to all the veterans who defended life on Earth.

And in the evening Russian cities were transformed in the sky and on the facades of the main buildings festive, incredible beauty and feeling, illumination, to admire which came out whole families. Until late at night. The memory of the greatness of national heroism.

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