The Russian Ministry of health approved drug for the treatment COVID-19

the Russian drug “replevin the” company “Promomed” treatment for novel coronavirus infection was approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

“Replevin” is similar to the Japanese “Favipiravir”. It comes in the form of tablets, film-coated.

the Executive Director of JSC “Biochemist” Dmitry Zemskov explained TASS that “Replevin” blocks the replication of the virus in the human body, preventing the spread of infection. Tablets are effective against RNA viruses, which include COVID-19.

Earlier in Russia was also another drug on the basis of favipiravir — “Avidavit” (producer of the Russian direct investment Fund and the group of companies “Chemrar”). RDIF and Chemrar ready to increase production of “Avifauna” from 700 thousand to 2 million courses a year (three times).