The Russian Orthodox Church supports the initiative of Ombudsman for children to reduce the number of abortions in Russia

the Russian Orthodox Church welcomes the initiative of Ombudsman for children of Russia Anna Kuznetsova about reduction of financing of medical institutions that perform abortions. Kuznetsova also proposed to reduce the sale of abortive drugs.

As head of the Department for external Church relations of the ROC Metropolitan Hilarion in the program “Church and world” on TV channel “Russia 24”, the Church believes abortion is murder, because children have a right to birth. Reducing the number of abortions, and measures aimed at it, said Metropolitan Hilarion, the ROC welcomed.

the Hierarch did not agree with the argument that less financial support for the clinics will lead to a rise in illegal abortions. The logic of such Metropolitan Ilarion called “lame”.

“Because it’s about the same as saying let’s legalize murder in order not to have any criminal homicide,” concluded the Metropolitan.