The Russian team ahead of the match against Canada 2:1

In the Czech Ostrava is the finals of the youth ice hockey world championship between Russia and Canada. In the middle of the first period, Nikita Aleksandrov brought our team forward. But a minute later, the Canadians evened the score. However, the Russian captain Grigory Denisenko brought our team forward. After two periods, the Russian team ahead 2:1.

the Russian team managed to use numerical advantage. Defender Egor Zamula made a shot on goal, and Nikita Alexandrov has substituted a stick. The puck flew into the goal against Canada. The judge after video viewing has scored a goal.

But the Russian team briefly led in the account. Was followed by two removals. Five Canadians played against three of ours. Dylan may have managed to penetrate Amir miftahova. But it left four Russian national team survived.

the game Went on a collision course. Constantly in the game were involved goalkeepers – Joel Hofer and Amir Miftakhov, rescued their teams. But in the 16th minute, team captain of Russia Grigory Denisenko finished off the puck into the goal reflected a Hofer. The Russian team took the lead.