The Russian vaccine from COVID-19 tested on humans

experts from the national research centre of epidemiology and Microbiology them. N. F.Gamalei of the Ministry of health (NIZAM) was tested by its vector vaccine against new coronavirus infection COVID-19, and the experience was a success: the immune system is, the negative effects are not detected. This was reported “Interfax” the Director of the center academician Alexander Ginzburg.

According to him, after the vaccine trials all developers are “alive, healthy and happy”. Gunzburg noted that the vaccine currently checked and the developers and organizers of pre-clinical studies, and technology.

currently the vaccine of NIZAM officially is in the final stages of preclinical, tested on primates. According to Gunzburg, scientists have injected the vaccine themselves —for their own protection from coronavirus, than for research.

as soon As the data of tests on primates, NIZAM sent to the Ministry of health request for the permission of clinical trials, and then begin official tests on volunteers.

the Scientist noted that clinical trials of the vaccine can be finished by the end of summer.