The Russian warship conducted exercises in the Mediterranean sea

a Patrol boat of black sea fleet “Admiral Essen” held drills on air defense in the Mediterranean sea. The exercise was to find and intercept cruise missiles, conventional enemy, said the Agency “Interfax” with reference to the Ministry of defense.

the Military adding that “Admiral Essen” is located in the Mediterranean sea from December 2019. He is part of the Russian group of 10 ships, which is constantly in the region.

the Patrol ship “Admiral Essen” – the representative of the project 11356. They have a displacement of about 4 thousand tons, length 124 meters, the crew – 180 people. The main armament missile complex “Caliber”, gun mount A-190, rocket mortars RBU-6000, torpedo. Also the ship has a deck and hangar for multipurpose helicopter Ka-27.

warship took part in the fight against terrorism in Syria. For example, in 2017, the guard-struck cruise missiles on militant positions.