The Russians acquired new habits of travel

About 60 percent of planning tourist trips of Russians said about the decision to change habits in travel after the pandemic, the survey service But others do not plan to change their habits – among them, 53 percent of men.

Pandemic and isolation have changed the plans to travel did not take place, the fate of the tickets remains under question, it has become habitual masks, antiseptics and gloves.

Already, nearly a third of respondents intend when choosing a flight to choose a tariff with free cancellation, another quarter is going to book hotels at return rates.

Every fifth is going to arrange medical insurance for the trip, and another 16 percent of respondents will purchase additional insurance on his own recognizance.

About 17 percent of the respondents intend to use sanitizer trips, another 8 percent intend to wear a mask during transport. About 10 percent will exclude visits to mass events and crowds, another 10 percent will be less likely to go to cafes and restaurants. About 7 percent intend to rent a car to use public transport while traveling.

According to the research “” and “Serato” more than half of Russians are planning to spend a vacation, and half of them want to spend their vacation in the travel in Russia. According to the survey from all regions of the country 52% of Russians plan to vacation this summer, and the rest in summer vacation will not go. Schedule of vacation for 31 per cent planning to travel around the country, 18 percent will spend the vacation in the country, another 20 percent hope to stay abroad, and 18 percent left to rest at home.