The Russians called salary desired after the pandemic

the people of Russia are oriented on a salary in the amount of 74 thousand rubles. per month, according to a study of portal “”.

About 29% of respondents said the ideal salary of 50-70 thousand rubles, and another 27% agree 30 to 50 thousand RUB per month, is quoted by “the Russian newspaper” research.

the Average salary in the last months in the country is 48,800 rubles., or $788, according to Rosstat.

the size of the average monthly wage in 2020 is the leader of the Magadan oblast (101,662 thousand RUB.), followed by the Chukotka AO (96,930 thousand RUB.), Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (86,560 thousand rubles), Moscow (78,947 thousand rubles) and Nenets AO (77,277 thousand rubles.).

According to the Ministry of economic development, this year, real disposable incomes will decline by 3.8%, however, in the following expected growth of 2.8%.