The Russians reduce housing costs for the third month in a row

Russians have reduced spending on housing and utilities services in may for the third month running — average bill payment decreased by 2% compared to April, follows from the study of the Bank “FC Opening”.

In March, the average bill for housing and communal services decreased by 4% in April — 10%.

In may, most Russians have saved on gas by 8%. It may have helped the warming in some regions. Next, in second place for savings – electricity: the average check payment decreased by 4%. The average payment for rent was down 3%. Only increased the average bill for teplovodosnabzhenie — 3%.

In comparison with may of last year, expenses of citizens on housing and utilities fell by more than 13%. Reducing the cost of teplovodosnabzhenie reached 33% and rents by 15%. Increased spending on gas (20%) and electricity — 4%, quoted by RIA “Novosti” the results of the study.

Earlier, the energy Ministry has proposed to reduce the installed before January 1, 2021, the period of the ban on the imposition of penalties for late payment of utility bills.

the energy Ministry proposes to maintain the ban until may 31, and for the people who were in a difficult position, until 31 July. The Ministry considers it possible to introduce a similar ban for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of affected branches.

the Level of payment collection for electricity fell in April, 7%, and the debt increased by RUB 11 billion in the Level of collection of payments for heating fell by 12%, debt increased by 16 billion rubles.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of energy, if the ban will continue until the end of the year, the popup utility’s revenues will amount to 600-700 billion rubles, which will have bad impact on the sector and would jeopardize the reliability of energy and heat supply of the country.

the Proposal to reduce the period of validity of a prohibition included in the plan of priority measures to support the power industry the document was submitted to the government.

in April, the Government imposed a ban on the accrual of fines and penalties for non-payment of utility bills, the ban is valid until the end of the year. Prohibited to charge penalties for untimely or incomplete payment for housing, utilities and major repairs.

Suppliers of gas, electricity, heat and water can’t collect fines and penalties from management companies or to disconnect supply for non-payment.