The Russians reminded about the dangers of drinking bouts and ulkoterassi

Long-term consumption of alcohol during the Christmas holidays is threatened by health problems, warn doctors. The main non-staff specialist psychiatrist-narcologist Moscow Department of health Yevgeny Bryun believes that the daily use of alcohol may only holders of the diagnosis “alcoholism”. Therefore, the daily drink offering from late December until the end of the first decade of January, can already be considered if no diagnosis, then a Wake-up call.

In an interview with this Agency city news “Moscow” Brune noted that the same postulate applies to other long holidays or leave period. If this happens, Brune advises: “it is Time to turn to the psychiatrist”. The doctor recalled that due to the frequent use of alcohol may experience mental disorders and acute disorders of internal organs. Disturbed sleep, altered behavior, marked by severe mood swings, crimes are committed on a background of reception of alcohol.

the Intake of alcohol for several days in a row can lead to alcoholic depression, which is expressed a sense of anxiety, uncertainty and emptiness – adds their point of view, the Professor of Moscow city pedagogical University, Yekaterinburg Yulia. According to her, the abuse of alcohol can lead to the depletion of the hormone of joy.

“the Amount of alcohol on the holidays should not be uncontrolled. Otherwise it will lead to the depletion of the hormone of joy, which simply will not be replenished in other ways,” — said the psychologist.