The Russians will always remember, the Nazis crushed the Soviet people

the Russians will always be remembered that the Nazis crushed the Soviet people, said Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Victory day Parade on red square in Moscow. “Millions of people of different nationalities from all republics of the Soviet Union,” he added.

“That our nation was able to defeat the terrible, total evil, destroyed more than 600 enemy divisions destroyed 75 percent of the total number of aircraft, tanks, artillery opponents to the end, to the bitter point was their heroic, righteous, utterly sacrificial way”, — Putin said.

the Soviet people, the President said, put an end to the terrible tragedy of the Holocaust. It is impossible to imagine what would happen to the world does not stand up in his defense the Red army. Soviet citizens fought on the front and in the rear, in partisan detachments and in the underground.

“Defend their land, they continued to fight,” Putin said.

Today, Russia bows down “to the blessed memory of those who came from the war” and mourns “the veterans who have gone from us.”

That the Soviet Union fell the brunt of the struggle against Nazism in 1941 in the East was concentrated over 80 percent of the German armed forces, “but this ruthless Armada was powerless against the solidarity of Soviet citizens.”

the Soviet people to victory points passed your heroic, “boundless sacrificial way”, and this is the main truth about the war that you want to pass on to future generations.

“Today’s military parade in honour of the sacred truth”, — said Putin.

He assured the veterans that “we will do everything we can to keep the memory of your heroic deeds will never fade”.

the live broadcast of the Victory Parade are Вести.Ru “Russia 24” and “Russia 1”.