The sailors of Russia and Japan have conducted anti-piracy exercises

the Russian patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” and Japanese destroyer “of Harusame” freed a ship hijacked by pirates in the framework of joint exercises in the Arabian sea, the press service of the Ministry of defense.

the role of the victim played the tanker “Yelnya”, and pirates portrayed his crew. Warships of the two countries first suppressed the enemy firing points with “captured” ship, then Japanese and Russian assault group neutralized the remaining criminals.

the Next stage of the joint exercises will be the firing of small-caliber naval artillery and heavy machine guns at targets placed in the sea by the tug “Victor Konecki”. Also in the plans of the Russian landing of the helicopter on the deck of the Japanese destroyer and Vice versa.

Teachings of the patrol ship “Yaroslav the Wise” and destroyer “of Harusame” was launched on January 20. The crews of the warships trained to exchange signals, to communicate, to maneuver.