The sailors of the Baltic fleet neutralized a minefield in a place where it was immersed in the bathyscaphe President

anti-mine defense Ship “Aleksandr Obukhov” protect the Gulf of Finland, where Vladimir Putin has dived in a submersible. As explained by the newspaper “Red star” commander of the Baltic fleet Alexander Nosatov, minesweeper discovered the whole field of German moored mines set during the great Patriotic war, and destroyed them with the help of an underwater robot.

Recall that in July 2019, Vladimir Putin plunged to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland, where sank the Soviet submarine Shch-308 “Salmon”. On the death of submariners has installed a commemorative plaque.

“Alexander Obukhov” is the world’s largest warship with a fiberglass hull. Don’t depend on it sea mines with magnetic detonators.

a Minesweeper fitted with modern range of search for mines and underwater robot designed for reconnaissance and destruction of hazardous objects.