The scandal Cambridge Analytica is gaining momentum

a New round of scandal with a British firm Cambridge Analytica, which specializiruetsya election campaigns on the Internet. On Twitter there were documents that reveal the company’s contracts with the political players around the world. It is reported that in these transactions, Cambridge Analytica interfered in the elections and manipulated public opinion. Previously, the company was accused of using the personal data of users of Facebook.

100 thousand documents about the intervention in the elections, more than 60 countries will be here in the public domain. Some materials about election campaigns in Malaysia, Kenya, Brazil and Iran have already published in Twitter-account HindsightFiles. The authors point out: letters and transcripts of them gives Brittany Kaiser — former employee of the Cambridge Analytica. This is the same company that illegally used the data of millions of users of Facebook for political manipulation.

“I’m doing this to strengthen the protection of rights to data and enforcement of our election laws on the Internet worldwide. We should all strive for a more ethical digital future for ourselves and our children,” said Brittany Kaiser’s house.

In an interview with The Guardian, the Kaiser was intrigued: there will be documents revealing the financial scheme of American politics.

“There are emails between key donors trump, where he discussed ways to hide donations through a variety of financial instruments. These documents expose the entire network of the illegal financing of American politics,” says Brittany Kaiser’s house.

On the impressive scope of work Cambridge Analytica first began two years ago. In March 2018 British journalists met with top managers of the company and took the conversation on a hidden camera. Unsuspecting executives admitted that they had intervened in the 200 election campaigns in different countries.

Later in Cambridge Analytica denied everything, saying that allegedly made fun of the magazineistami. However, according to the Facebook, the company illegally got information about 50 millions of users. And this is a great opportunity for any manipulation, including political.

“When you use a social network, you put a lot of information. It is possible to learn and handle. The computer gathers information from all sides. And it can affect your behavior,” says a former employee of Cambridge Analytica Chris Wylie.

In may 2018 Cambridge Analytica bankrupt. But, according to experts, the collection and use of personal information in social networks is already a reality. And users themselves give consent.

“We do give permission, when I click “user agreement” and “agree”. Either when the app starts, we give him the right to collect data. This is especially true of tests. We pass numerous and grasping,” explains cyber safety specialist Andrei Masalovich.

it Seems that enough information in Cambridge Analytica collected from users from Ukraine. Also Brittany Kaiser has promised to publish evidence that her company in 2017 was supported by one of the Ukrainian parties. What, specifically, the whistle-blower is not called.