The schoolgirl was forced to kneel and ask for forgiveness for what she stole someone's boyfriend

Tambov law enforcement agencies started investigation into the incident, which was captured on footage spread in social network. The video demonstrates how the girl kneeling in front of a crowd of teenagers and asks for forgiveness.

Apparently, the footage present students. A crowd of teenagers surrounded the girl standing on her knees. Minor say: “Excuse me, please, because I stole your boyfriend”. Then to her right another girl, stroking the head and said “free.” This abuse does not end there. In the final seconds of the video is noticeable, like someone hitting a schoolgirl with his foot. It is not known what followed on.

As reported by “Vesti Tambov,” the police have already started investigation on the incident. The personalities of the teenagers. At the end of the audit will be procedural decision.

Meanwhile, the video spread to many regional communities in social networks. Commentators, for the most part, are to protect humiliated Schoolgirls. In addition, some users attempt to conduct its own investigation. For example, in one of the groups published screenshots of the accounts of teenagers involved in video recording.

Earlier in the Internet appeared the footage, which shows how the students of a city school are being terrorized by peers: the boy dipped his head in the toilet. After the incident, the Director of the educational institution wrote a letter of resignation.