The second phase of the lifting of restrictions: some of the organizations in Sochi will resume

In Sochi tomorrow starts the second phase of the lifting of restrictions associated with the epidemic of the coronavirus. In particular, we are talking about the resumption of the work of a number of organizations, reports “Vesti Sochi”.

may 23 in the city-resort will open the doors of a small food stores, hairdressers, beauty salons, building materials markets and car washes, service life. Entrepreneurs, who plan to reopen their facilities, received a list of recommendations from the CPS.

All employees are required before starting work to measure the temperature and to comply with masono-glove mode throughout the working day. The premises will be regularly performed cleaning and disinfection. Visitors will provide antiseptics. Employees of the clothing stores will be required to steam things after every fitting, as well as to ensure that the room was a limited number of visitors.

the Monitoring of compliance with sanitary norms will be carried out by the staff of the CPS, the police, specialists in monitoring. Translation in online mode because of the epidemic COVID-19 was a necessary step.
But most companies can not survive for long in the mode of self-isolation. Now came the period of easing of restrictions. If a security measure are violated, it can lead to a new surge of the disease. In this case, the citizens are waiting for the tightening of the rules.

Text: state television and radio company “Vesti Sochi”