The second wave will not be Onishchenko told about the features COVID-19

In Russia and in the world of the new pandemic rise in the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19 will not. So said the Deputy of the state Duma, academician, former head of Rospotrebnadzor Gennady Onishchenko. He noted that for seven months, from first diseases in China, there has not been a change in the genes of coronavirus.

They are not happening and will not happen, said Gennady Onishchenko. This is, according to him, the peculiarity of this virus. Onishchenko added that SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (middle East respiratory syndrome) is also not mutated, mutates like the flu. Therefore, concluded the former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, the fall will register the increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection, but the pandemic rise will not be, informs “Interfax”.

Gennady Onishchenko said: in the world today was 10 million 300 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. For the air-droplet mechanism of transmission is nothing. In Russia, only the flu gives rise in the incidence of 6-7 million. In addition, Onishchenko urged to carefully consider the remaining at-risk people in the older age group, as 40% of patients with coronavirus infection is without symptoms. At the same time they can pose a threat to the elderly. Therefore do not neglect all the preventive measures.

authorities need to tell people science-based objective information, and even if there is some reason not to scare people, called Onishchenko.

a Different opinion from the world health organization.

“the World is now in a new and dangerous phase — warned the TV channel “Russia 24″ the who representative Melita Vujnović. — Many people are tired to be home. Countries are understandably eager to open its society and economy. But the virus is still spreading rapidly, he is still a deadly disease, and the majority of people are still susceptible”.

According to her, mIR is in a new dangerous phase of the pandemic coronavirus. in the first place is a result of the measures taken for public health and physical distancing, and not a simple course of development of the epidemiological process.

who recalls that the coronavirus was the cause of death of over 499 thousand people in the world.