After 3:02 hours cried out Novak Djokovic for his pleasure, clenching again and again the fist, while he had the enthusiastic spectators celebrate: The Serbian was just moved into the final of the Paris Masters – and I had a Grand-Slam record winner Roger Federer 7:6 (8:6), 5:7 and 7:6 (7:3) was defeated. It was the 22. Victory in a row for the 31-Year-old. Only once before has one of the 47 duels the two had been in the Tiebreak of the last set, decided.

“That was probably the most spectacular Match I’ve played this year. In the case of twelve Break points to take advantage of a single one, and to win, but I don’t know if it happened to me once,” said Djokovic: “whenever I against Roger games, he demands always the Best of me.”

as in the first sentence. When the score was 3:4, Federer played on the network edge promise rungenen Longline blow to Djokovic with a strong Reflex out of reach for his opponent just behind the net. The break ball was blocked.

Djokovic, the returns on Monday after nearly two years at the top of the world ranking back, now its 33. Masters Title. With a final success on Sunday against the Masters-final debutants Karen Chatschanow from Russia, Djokovic would move to Siegen with a Masters-record winner Rafael Nadal.