The seventh-grader was awarded for saving little brother from fire

In Primorsky Krai on Sunday, the seventh-grader was awarded to Valeriy Gorobets, who saved on fire the life of his three year old brother. Ceremony attended by relatives and classmates of Valerie,educators, and representatives of the emergencies Ministry was held in a school in the village of Vozdvizhenka, where he studied Valerie. According to “News: Primorye”, ler presented a certificate and a valuable gift.

January 7, the parents of Valerie and Dennis, along with his eldest son went to town on business. When Lera came out of the house to the boiler room to throw fire wood, it suddenly caught fire.

Not afraid of black smoke filled the room, Valerie felt a brother on the bed and took him outside.

“We went onto the veranda to breathe, coughed and ran to the neighbors,” she said.

She had one in her pajamas and barefoot to run for more than a hundred metres through the snow to a neighbor’s house. Adults called firefighters, who extinguished the house.

“She was confused, correctly assessed the situation. A 13 year old girl acted like a true professional,” — said in the MOE.