The shelling of the green zone of Baghdad, no injuries

as a result of a rocket attack on the green zone of Baghdad, no one was hurt. About it reports TV channel “al-Hadas”.

Earlier in mass media there was information that around midnight, three rockets exploded near the U.S. Embassy, located in the area. As specified, the starts were made from quarter ez of Zaafaraniya in the South-East of Iraq. The shelling caused material damage, reports TASS.

along with the attacks at the U.S. diplomatic mission worked air RAID siren. Helicopters U.S. army raised in the sky over Baghdad.

“Green zone” – a well-fortified district in Central Baghdad, there are government agencies and embassies. In recent months she had been attacked in the incidents were victims and victims among Iraqi security forces. The US has accused of involvement in the rocket attacks of the Pro-Iranian groups and militia operating in Iraq.