The siege of the U.S. Embassy in Iraq: that

Protection of the American Embassy in Baghdad repelled a new attempt to storm. The gate of the building of the Embassy wanted to get about a thousand protesters. Against them, used tear gas and rubber bullets. The Embassy was moved another 500 US Marines. What caused the protest and what scenario is being prepared Washington?

Even in the so-called “green zone” of Baghdad and on the seventeenth year after the capture of the Iraqi capital Americans do not feel safe. Protesters surrounded the U.S. Embassy to the details like a fortress. Tall walls. On the corners there are watchtowers. To open the citadel an angry mob tried using a battering RAM.

Among those who, swinging the pipe, smashed the bulletproof glass of the guard boxes and set fire to outbuildings, not really hiding, flashed people with stripes regular (that is, formally allied U.S.) army in Iraq. However, the main driving force and not thought to camouflage themselves. Here and there yellow — green flags of the movement Kataib Hezbollah (banned in Russia).

“We will burn everything. We want to kick the Americans out! We want to hit them, punish them. Americans, we warned you!” – shouting protesters.

the Names of those who want revenge, wrote on the walls of the Embassy. 29 Dec 25 people were killed and over 50 injured during U.S. air strikes in the border with Syria town of al-Qaim. Beat the Pentagon to the soldiers of the Shiite movement, Kataib Hezbollah. In Washington, the group considered responsible for the recent missile attack on Iraqi military base in Kirkuk. Those who tried to seize the Embassy also attacked from the air. To rockets, however, did not come. Apache helicopters dropped a sound and light ammunition.

American diplomats during the assault, was not injured, and Ambassador Matt Tueller wasn’t even in the Embassy. The state Department announced that he will not run, and was in a planned trip.

However, the question in style, and not the second whether it’s Benghazi, stateU.S. Secretary of Pompeo has not escaped.

– How close we were to evacuate the Embassy or dispersal of protesters by force?

We considered evacuation, but the President trump and our team is working hard to ensure the safety of the Embassy, — said Mike Pompeo.

the captain of the team for seven and a half hours before the New year opened Twitter. “Iran will bear responsibility for the lives lost or the damage any of our representation. They will pay a very heavy price. It’s not a warning — a threat. Happy New year!” – written by Donald trump.

Around this time of the three convertiplane Orgau landed on the territory of the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, already landed the first of 750 American Marines.

As the American President, doing a vacation in Florida, decided to go to the journalists who managed to write that instead of the situation in Iraq trump is absorbed by the situation on the Golf course.

– are You suggesting war with Iran?

– I don’t think it would be a good idea for Iran. She would not last long. Do I want war? No, I want to keep the peace. I love the world. Iran should want peace more than anybody, ‘ said trump.

But the answer of Tehran in this situation could hardly be otherwise. Moreover, to the threats from Washington there have long been accustomed.

“US air Strikes — it was revenge for Shiite militia fighting against ISIS (banned in Russia). The Iranian government, the people and I strongly condemn this malicious act of the United States. Iran does not seek war, but will confront those who threaten the interests, grandeur and progress of the Iranian nation,” stated Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme leader.

what is Happening, perhaps it would be possible to enter into the framework of another us-Iran escalation, but this time there is a new introductory. The two largest parliamentary forces Iraq — Shiite coalition of Fatah and the coalition “Coming together" — require the adoption of the law on the withdrawal of US troops. Well, the Americans, probably even enjoy. In the end, the democracy, the construction of which so much is said George W. Bush, finally gave fruit.

once you not remember this conversation. “I was talking about my desire to promote the development of institutions in different parts of the world, say, in Iraq, where there is freedom of religion and the press. I know that many people in the world talked about the fact that in Russia would like the same,” — said Bush. “We would, of course, did not want us to have the same democracy as in Iraq, to be honest,” he replied then Vladimir Putin.

Support such a “democracy” like in Iraq, however, require the constant presence of American troops. And in critical situations (like the current) and more amplification. The Americans are preparing to transfer another 4,000 Marines into neighboring Kuwait. Not going to diverge and the protesters. The storming of the Embassy was turned into a siege. Supporters of Hezbollah break in the “green zone” of the tent.