The Simpsons was one of the most-watched animations during the 90s. The cartoon has continued to be an all-rounder favorite television show until today. The beauty part about The Simpsons is that it got attention from both the kids and adults alike.

An amazing US comedy will always offer belly gags through its episodes. These episodes carry the riskier and friskier moments. Like producing scenarios on issues such as drugs, crime, and even gambling.

And, on that note, we are going to highlight some of the episodes that The Simpsons yelled for luck as they faced some tough odds.

Lisa with an S (Season 7, Episode 7)

The plan starts with Homer getting involved in a poker game (visit us online casino for more information about poker game) at the popular Moes’ bar, alongside Lenny, Carl, and Barney. Before this, Homer advises Lisa that if he wins he is going to pay for her enrollment at the best band camp that she has always desired to attend.

He then lost the $5K stakes to one of the Broadway icons known by the name Laney Fontaine. With his intelligence, Homer persuades Laney to come for dinner at The Simpsons house. This is where Laney noticed Lisa’s saxophone playing skills.

Lisa’s saxophone skills amazed Laney and she got the chance to perform in New York for a month.

Million Dollar Maybe (Season 21, Episode 3)

Well, Marge and Homer are due to attend a friend’s wedding. The wedding day arrives, and Homer, just like any other gambling enthusiasts, heads to the Kwik-E Mart to buy a lottery ticket. Unfortunately due to a long wait in the lottery store, he misses the friend’s wedding. You too can play poker by this Australia casino online.

Good fortunes surely take time, after the long wait and missing the friend’s wedding, Homer’s lottery ticket turns out to be the winner with a staggering $1 million. The long wait surely paid out for the lad and he buys beautiful gifts for his family.