The situation: Iran has made the Pentagon's list of terrorist organizations

Iran has made the Pentagon’s list of terrorist organizations. The bill of the Majlis approved President Hassan Rouhani. The document is an amendment to the adopted law, which prohibited institution recognized by the Central command of the Armed forces of the United States. Protesters in Tehran, meanwhile, is once again preparing to take to the streets.

Better to be a passenger on that plane than to be a witness to this tragedy. These are the apologies of the head of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps for the downed Ukrainian airliner.

“We were at war with America, and we are still in it are. We are soldiers of this nation and betrayed the people. I swear to Almighty God that he would like to be in that plane, crash it and burn, not to be a witness to this tragic incident. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life. Never. We made a mistake, and many of our compatriots were killed because of our mistakes, but it was unintentional. We apologize. We’re sorry,” said the commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC) Hossein salami.

Shares in memory of those killed during the crash are held throughout Iran. And in Tehran at the British Embassy, local residents demanded the closure of the diplomatic mission of the United Kingdom and the expulsion of Ambassador Robert Macaire.

the Diplomat was arrested for inciting the crowd, but after 15 minutes of released. However, then was summoned to the Iranian foreign Ministry to Lodge a formal protest. In Tehran believe that a number of Western countries are trying to control anti-government rallies outside.

According to Iranian media, among the demonstrators began to appear men with guns. This suspicion is indirectly confirmed by Twitter of the White house, where Donald trump defends us policy of sanctions and publishes aimed at the Iranian audience tweets in Farsi.

مشاور امنیت ملی امروز كه عنوان کرد و تحریم ها اعتراضات، ایران را”به شدت فشار watching”قرار داده است و آنها را مجبور به مذاكره می كند.در واقع، اصلا برایم اهمیتی نداردکه آیا آنها مذاکره می کنند یا I.کاملاً این به عهده ی خودشان است، اما سلاح هسته ای نداشته باشیدو”معترضان خود را نکشید.”

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 13, 2020

“the national security Advisor said today that sanctions and protests put pressure on Iran and force it to negotiate. Actually, I don’t care whether they are conducting negotiations. It’s up to them, but Iran can not have nuclear weapons and kill their protesters,” said trump.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel along with bBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson, commenting on the arrest of the British Ambassador, said that it is a violation of international law. At the same time, Tehran’s accusations of meddling by the United Kingdom in the internal Affairs of the Republic, and they chose to ignore.

London at the same time reminded of the need to conduct a thorough investigation of the crash of a Ukrainian airliner. A similar demand was made by canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He noted that Ottawa will seek to bring to justice those to blame in the plane crash.

Analysts, in turn, wrote that a thorough investigation of it would require from Washington with regards to the assassination of General Soleimani. Especially after the Pentagon acknowledged that the intelligence was not accurate data about the impending attacks on the American Embassy.

the President said he was convinced that might be the attack on our Embassy. I share that view. That’s why I sent squads of our Marines to protect our embassies in the middle East – in Baghdad and in other cities, — said the head of the Pentagon mark Esper.

Maybe, could be. It sounds like a suspicion, not confirmed as a threat based on intelligence.

– the President is not talking about intelligence, he said, “might be.”

– You want to say they were not?

– I did not see them. About the attacks on four of the Embassy, I share the view that these attacks could be.

Despite the fact that direct armed conflict between Iran and the United States have been avoided and security in the region, according to experts, hangs in the balance. In this situation, as suggested by the German foreign Ministry to help Russia by providing necessary pressure on Iran.

it is Known that the situation in the Islamic Republic were discussed by the presidents of Russia and France. As reported in the Elysee Palace, Moscow and Paris are interested in preserving the Joint comprehensive plan of action. The future of Iraniancore agreements as well as consequences of destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing will be the Central topics of the meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign Ministers. The meeting will be held January 20, 2020.