The small question: in Nizhny Novgorod, the parents of the kid ganged up on the carrier

the holidays Nizhny Novgorod stirred egregious case.

On Christmas day, January 7, in the Avtozavodsky district of the taxi number 75 landed a teenage girl. The reason for this action of the conductor of the bus was that the girl wanted to pay the fare change. This became known later from the mother of the child, which confidently stated that the conductor “did not want to count and make change for the fare,” reports GTRK “Nizhny Novgorod”.

an Important nuance was the time and place of the incident. On the street it was already dark, about 20 hours. She stop “Mostread”, according to residents, no lighting.

Later, many of the citizens, commenting on the incident in social networks, noted that the Avtozavodskiy district has a high crime rate.

According to mother 15-the summer schoolgirl, the child took from his pocket what she had — 27 roubles for 2 and 1 ruble and 3 ruble remaining at the 50 and 10 cents. Seeing the coins, the guard said that the girl left the bus, she the money will not take.

Dmitry Pankratov, General Director of OOO “K Meshcheryakov”, which owns the bus, commented on the incident. According to him, the company is now under internal review. The situation is not as straightforward as it describes the child’s mother.

the Conductor during the inspection said that the bus, a girl came in, who was to give 18-19 years, looked older than his age. She was warmly dressed. The girl counted the money that was in his pocket, it turned out that she was missing. The conductor told her that the bus fare is not enough, but I didn’t let her go. The girl herself got off at the next stop. There was no conflict that, according to the conductor, can you confirm that all the bus passengers who were traveling at the same time.

Further events developed rapidly. About an hour later the girl’s father has blocked the movement of the bus with his car, entered the bus and started HSto give birth to the driver and the conductor, while removing all on video.

Dmitry Pankratov says that no claims to him personally and the girl’s parents are not presented, but information about the incident, the family posted on the Network.

for his part, the leader assures that there will be held discussions with staff regarding the transportation of minors, especially in winter, and liability to passengers as a whole.