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The smoke and fumes halfway to Istanbul, colored snow in the Alps: the world will enjoy five scorching years

The smoke and fumes halfway to Istanbul, colored snow in the Alps: the world will enjoy five scorching years

the çanakkale Strait closed due to a powerful forest fire. The hills of the Gallipoli Peninsula, where is located all the bandwidth infrastructure is Strait fire. Taken on the helicopter footage shows how difficult it is even to fly up to the hearth fire. The residents of nearby settlements evacuated. But according to Turkish media, the smoke and fumes halfway to Istanbul. To understand the abnormal or normal for the modern climate such indicators are now trying and freezing under the July snow of Norway and in the Alps, where the snow now mixed.

the Cloud-a funnel resembling a tornado spotted in the sky above the Moscow region town of Orekhovo-Zuyevo. A rare atmospheric phenomenon typical of the tropics. The victim of the elements — 16-the summer football player of the local team. Lightning struck at the goalkeeper directly during training. Now he is in a coma, but non-life-threatening.

Showers and thunderstorms with hail in the Krasnoyarsk region. Streets turned into rivers. Locals publish in social networks video of flooding in some places the water level rose half a meter.

In Siberia, tropical storms, two-thirds of the monthly norm of precipitation fell in only one day. In the North of Yakutia on its record — the highest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic circle.

“You see our Northern territory. The North of Yakutia, where he most recently was dominated by bright colors, and the temperature exceeded 30 degrees,” — says a leading expert meteorologist Marina Makarova.

While some people are languishing in radiant heat, others get winter clothes. The warm Gulf stream has not helped the residents of Norway. There in the mountains the snow fell. Even for this Northern Kingdom such precipitation is in the summer — the weather phenomenon.

– We just changed winter tires to summer! As we now descend into the valley?! food the Norwegian driver.

speaking in plain words, the wind on the planet increasingly moves not on a line East-West and North-South. Therefore, the weather changes: it is very cold, then very hot.

“This effect bystrooborachivaemy air masses, which then resulted in such precipitation,” says head of the laboratory of climatology Institute of geography RAS Vladimir Semenov.

Freezing in the middle of summer is perhaps one of the first symptoms of violations the North Atlantic current. Scientists say the Gulf stream is influenced by melting snow in Greenland and an increase in precipitation. If the trend continues, by the end of the century Europe will severe winter with frosts and snow. That is global warming in one part of the planet will cause cold in the other.

And the snow frames — Italian Alps. Snow at a height of two and a half thousand meters suddenly turned pink. Scientists believe that matter in the algae, which usually blooms in the Northern latitudes, in the same Greenland. In Italy pink see snow for the first time. The causes of the phenomena investigated climatologists. But it is clear that 2020 will be a record of the average temperature of the planet. According to the forecast of the world meteorological organization, the next five years will be the most sultry in the history of observations.

the Scientists calculated the overall heat brings heat to all parts of the Earth. For example, in Australia the amount of degrees above normal for the summer season amounted to an additional 80 degrees Celsius. In Siberia and the Mediterranean, the figure was even higher — 200 degrees Celsius. That is, the farther from the equator, the more noticeable weather anomalies.

In the tropics “moved” and the European part of Russia. June was the wettest in 70 years, to Moscow resulted in two times more rain than usual. On 6 July in the Russian capital plus 30 degrees, and July 7, according to forecasts, the heat will intensify. And will be the torrential rain.