The number of corona cases reported to the RKI in Germany was 49,141 yesterday.

In the previous week comparison, there is a minus of 32 percent. This is the 29th consecutive week-on-week decline.

The 7-day incidence continues to fall, from 307 to 282. It is below 300 for the first time since January 6.

The corona incidence falls in 15 of the 16 federal states. The one exception is Berlin, where it is rising slightly.

The largest decrease is again reported for Hamburg; yesterday a particularly significant increase was reported for the Hanseatic city.

The lowest corona incidences among the federal states are still in the eastern German non-city states.

But Saarland and Baden-Württemberg also fall below the 250 mark with yesterday’s reports, leaving Berlin behind.

And Rhineland-Palatinate is not far away from the 250.

The number of active corona cases in Germany drops to 1.09 million.

It’s down 76% since peaking on April 2nd.

158 corona deaths were reported to the RKI yesterday, 16 fewer than a week ago.

The 7-day moving average drops to 108, the lowest level since November 5th.

Further declines are also to be expected here, since experience has shown that the number of deceased follows the number of cases with a delay of three weeks.

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