The space Museum in the Altai opens the anniversary year with a meeting with star guests

the space Museum opens its jubilee year with a meeting with star guests. Today in the village Polkovnikovo come from two cosmonauts, informs GTRK “Altai”.

In the Altai region came to the Heroes of Russia — cosmonauts Anton shkaplerov, on account of which three flights and Oleg Artemyev, who stayed in orbit a total of about a year. Third person – the inventor, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Bolysov. They will communicate with guests of the Museum will present videos, comment on the pictures taken from space, will tell about the expeditions to the ISS. The staff of the Museum named after German Titov want to invite honored guests at our 55th anniversary which will be celebrated in April.

Tatiana Kaigorodova, Director of the Museum of cosmonautics, said:

– They are, in fact, on a private visit here in the Altai, with their families. However, it is very symbolic that so begins our jubilee year. It’s nice that the astronauts, arriving to Altai for different purposes, even to rest, eager to visit the birthplace of Herman Stepanovich, in our Museum. Great if this will become a tradition.

Meeting with “star” guests in the Altai Museum of a name of Herman Titov will start at 13.00. I invite everyone. According to Tatyana Kaygorodova, a scheduled autograph session.

Text: GTRK “Altai”