The special MES delivered the bodies in the fire of Asinovsky area in Uzbekistan

Special MES will arrive with the remains of 10 victims in a terrible fire in the village of asinovskaya Prichulymskaya district. In the near future from Tomsk transporterowych of the body of natives of Uzbekistan for burial at home. As reported edition the head of the Uzbek Diaspora in Tomsk Comatula Ruziev that the bodies of 10 victims in the fire will give the relatives in Uzbekistan, as soon as genotypic examination.

“Now the body is located in the Bureau for examination to determine the cause of death. As soon as everything is ready — we’ll notify the Embassy of Uzbekistan and from there will fly aboard the MOE. I think that this will happen in a day or two,” – said the “Vesti Tomsk” Comatula Ruziev.

the head of the Uzbek Diaspora said that to identify the bodies is impossible, so the investigation team took DNA material from relatives of the victims, to establish a formal relationship and prepare death certificates.

Recall the night of January 21 in the village Prichulymskaya there was a deadly fire. The fire killed 11 people, 10 of them are citizens of Uzbekistan and one citizen of the Russian Federation. The investigative Committee opened a criminal case and the investigation continues.

Text: GTRK “Tomsk”