The 24-year-old cannot say how often Lea Meyer has jumped the 76.2 centimeter high obstacles in her sports career without any problems. Determined more than ten thousand times, after all, the Niedersächsin, who is starting for ASV Köln, has been on the road as an obstacle runner in the stadiums of the world for a decade.

In Hayward Field at the University of Oregon, the blonde now caused an involuntary spectacle. In her lead, she got caught after 400 meters with her spikes on the black and white crossbar and fell headfirst into the moat. Soaking wet, she got up again, mastered the 31 obstacles that still had to be overcome and also reached the finish line, but her time of 9:30.81 minutes was not enough to make it into the final on Wednesday.

The spectators in the wide circle of the arena caught their breath when they saw Meyer’s reluctant stunt. It was not to be expected that the Olympic starter from Tokyo would get back on her feet and be able to continue running after the breakneck act. That’s how the suffering woman saw it herself. “I don’t think I landed the softest of times. And I think I can count myself lucky that nothing more happened,” said Meyer, explaining why she didn’t give up after the dropout: “It was only 400 meters over, the adrenaline was still high enough, that’s when you get up and just keep running, especially when you know it was your own fault.”

Driven by ambition, Meyer did not allow himself to be brought to his knees despite aching bones. “I wanted to show: That was stupid, that was annoying, that happens. But you only learn from mistakes. It was one that is particularly painful at the moment. ”But it does not discourage her. The misstep shows her that she can run much faster than 9:30 minutes. “Three weeks ago I ran a 9:30 single-handedly at the German Championships,” she said, “and here one with a fall. That means I can significantly improve on my personal best and I will do that again this year.”

Meyer finally got a bit of joy when, after her mistake, her roommate Gesa Felicitas Krause was able to qualify for the final – with a time of 9:21.02 minutes, which Meyer could have run if… That was over not necessarily to be expected given the health problems that the two-time World Cup bronze medalist has gone through in the current season. “Gesa has once again proven what a fighting heart she has,” acknowledged Meyer. Now she is keeping her fingers crossed for Krause on Wednesday, especially that she will be spared her fate.