The starting whistle in Berlin: the next conference on Libya will be held in February

“a Small step forward towards a new rapprochement in Geneva.” So the Western press evaluates the outcome of the Berlin conference on Libya, which agreed on three essential points. The embargo on arms sales to both sides of the conflict, the nominal composition of the Commission for monitoring the ceasefire and carrying out the dividing line between the forces of the national consensus government and the Libyan national army. According to international mediators, the conflict is frozen and still hope for a direct dialogue between the parties.

the First thing that drew the attention of the German newspaper, commenting on the results of the Berlin conference: Angela Merkel was shaking and not shaking. All in the best of times, when she was in peak form. Gave it 100 percent. And if her efforts will lead to peace in Libya — it will be bright closes the career of the Chancellor. The magazine Der Spiegel went so called the conference “the bright hour of German diplomacy”. From the organizational point of view, it is. However, the result of the conference largely determined by Russia and Turkey as countries that have a significant impact on the Libyan conflict.

“We, in my opinion, made a very good move during a meeting in Istanbul called on the Libyan parties to cease fire, to stop fighting. And, despite the fact that certain incidents so far, after all both parties heed our call, and large scale fighting stopped. In my opinion this is a very good result,” — said in Berlin, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

Turkey supports the government Fayeza Zarraga located in Tripoli. During the civil war, which began after the NATO intervention and the murder of Muammar Gaddafi, the city authorities have practically lost control of the country, which was transferred to the military, headed by field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot. His territory, oil and marine terminals. His troops are near Tripoli.

Nakanune conference, Erdogan called the Haftarot of the coup, and came to Berlin in irritation. If you go through the entire list of participants objectively from the German Chancellor and the French President to the Secretary of state, becomes clear: to persuade Recep Tayyip Erdogan that the situation is under control, could only one person.

“Yes, indeed we energetically worked together on the positive end of the meeting in Moscow of the conflicting parties. Positive fact that they came to Moscow and had talks not only with us but also with each other, — said Putin. — I think I should thank our colleagues, foreign Ministers and defense Ministers that maximum of effort to ensure that the Contracting parties agreed and supported the joint statement. Yes, indeed not all succeed. One of the parties a statement until, at least, is not supported. But we are hopeful that the dialogue will continue and we will strive wholeheartedly to ensure that the conflict has been resolved. I am very pleased to meet with you today here in Berlin and to discuss the full range of our relations”.

This preliminary meeting, which lasted about an hour, largely determined the positive outcome of the conference. Delegations from the conflicting parties of Libya in front of the cameras never showed up. Exception — a random shot: Khalifa Hawter in the corridor of the office of the Chancellor. But it is important that the field Marshal has agreed to start direct contacts with the government in Tripoli.

“President Putin expressed our position and stressed that when considering these recommendations, which were approved in Berlin, the UN Security Council, we will certainly take into account the opinion of the Libyans, and before the Security Council can get to work on this document, such an opinion should be clearly set out. The situation is difficult, the Libyan side has made a small step forward in comparison with the meeting, which took place January 13 in Moscow. They agreed deit possible to dope the five representatives, in the created on the initiative of the UN military Committee, which will address all issues related to the provision of the truce,” continued the explanation by the acting Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

“We adopted the Declaration of the summit, consisting of 55 points. In case of observance of the armistice to which we, together with Russian President Vladimir Putin called on, will open the possibility for the political process,” said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

the Mechanisms of control over observance of the Berlin agreements still need to debug, including in the framework of the UN. Optimism among observers is that the Libyan issue does not cause disagreements among the permanent members of the Security Council. U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo confirms:

“there is still a lot of work. It is difficult to maneuver, but you’ve all seen President Erdogan, President Putin, Chancellor Merkel is sincerely willing to make efforts to resolve the conflict”.

a Little later the Secretary of state wrote in a Twitter message. The right words. They drew the attention of the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. Not without irony.

“It’s time for the Libyans to decide for themselves what will be their future – without violence, fueled by external forces. We urge all parties to use the opportunity provided by the United Nations to discuss political and economic issues and also security issues,” wrote the Secretary of state Pompeo.

“Like [American] partners from the Russian foreign Ministry website borrowed. By these words we are called to give the opportunity to solve the problems of Iraq, Kosovo, the “Arab spring”, Syria and many other global crises. And our appeals have been addressed, as a rule, Washington,” — said Maria Zakharova.

nevertheless, everyone agrees that Berlin did a good job. While Yes, this is only the beginning. Now it is important to keep the tempo than, apparently, diplomats and intend to do.

foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas called the Berlin conference starting whistle. The next conference — at the level of foreign Ministers. The place is not yet determined, but in time it will be beginning of February.