The state prosecution demanded 6 and 9 years of imprisonment for participants in the

Six years and nine years in a General regime colony under article about participation in a terrorist community. At such times, according to the position of the prosecution, must be sentenced Julius and Victor Boyarshinov Filinkov. The defendants in the so-called “Network Business”, in relation to which the court in St. Petersburg held a debate of the parties.

It’s this time — you might guess — particularly on the activities of cells of the banned extremist organization in the Northern Capital. Although the organization as a whole, as we know, threatened to interregional scale. According to the investigation and the FSB was preparing for “violent actions against the authorities,” stocked weapons and explosives.

in other words — was planning a series of terrorist attacks. And besides: how can you not remember the terrible story of the double murder investigation “Medusa”. And yet — a significant portion of pseudo-community continues to stand its ground: the current defendants certainly have no relation to the actual or potential bloodshed.

worn out rhetoric about allegedly wrongly pursued by young intellectuals. Which really sounds more and more inappropriate.

the Atmosphere in the debate is tense, said the lawyer, member of the “Network” Julia Bojarshinova, Olga Krivonos. Front of the building where we held a retreat meeting of the second the Western military district court, gathered sympathizers — with notebooks and lunch boxes. A picnic rather than a picket. I watched the stream.

“Outside the courthouse, and the court is not allowed visitors in connection with the coronavirus restrictions on the outside of the building, so there is a small support group of defendants, within the environment rather tense. In the debate participated the head of the Department of state prosecutors of Prosecutor’s office of St. Petersburg, which, of course, indicates a high social significance of our business. Boyarshinov, I recall, the blame fully recognizes, repents,” — says Olga Krivonos, lawyer Yulia BArshinova.

Article from Bojarshinova “participation in a terrorist community”. Plus possession of explosives, black powder he bought. Even members of the “network” of “improved weapon skills and medical care”. “Mastered the techniques of capture of buildings” — it’s all in the wording of the charges. Which asks the court to give Bojarshinova six years in prison.

“And the budget and basis of this organization was initially a priori a criminal. That is, they are the first couple engaged in trade and sale of drugs to create a so-called “revolutionary cell” of some kind — or a network of such. That is, we are not talking about the ideological fighters against the regime, what they now try to imagine the liberals and the defenders of the conditional, and that judge criminals,” — said Grigory Nazarenko, the analyst.

Another member of the “Network”, Victor Filinkov, facing nine years in prison, denies everything. Says “Congress” – there was an event at the “networkers” – violent acts against representatives of the authorities was not discussed. But Boyarshinov then confessed.

Details a lot. That “Network”, according to investigators, there were several cells: in Moscow, Penza, St. Petersburg. The coordinator and the ideology of “Network” Alexey Poltavets fled to Ukraine and admitted “Medusa” of involvement in the murder of Artem Dorofeev and Ekaterina Levchenko, who knew about the activities of “Network” and the drug trade. Some members of the organization, which in February already, time got first confessed that created a terrorist community, and then retracted his words. But now the picture is different.

“There is a criminal case. There is a confession. There are two bodies that have already anywhere, nor any accounts not to throw them anywhere in the shade not to start. So guys, if you wereand so adults and independent, I wanted to play in the revolution, be helpful to be as self-sufficient adults and to take responsibility for their actions. That’s all,” says Julia Vityazev, journalist.

they are in fact grenades were found, and carbines. So-so turned out to be Marxists, romantics, however, they are still trying to portray the majority of imaginary liberals. The debate had been concluded, the parties await the verdict.