The status of self-employed will provide from 16 years

the President of Russia on 23 June, addressed to the citizens, which reported on economic support for both individuals and businesses.

in addition, Vladimir Putin proposed to grant the status of self-employed not 18, and already with 16 years.

the President noted that this will affect the three million people who will receive tax capital in the amount of one minimum wage, in order not to divert resources from the development of the business to pay taxes.

Putin noted that the proposal sounded more than once while interacting with young entrepreneurs.

In an address to the citizens, which was broadcast channel “Russia 24”, the Russian President declared, in particular, the rejection of the flat rate personal income tax, about one – auto – payment in July of a child under the age of 16 years and thanked the Russians for the fact that they survived the most dangerous period of the epidemic of the coronavirus.