The stock price of AI-95 petrol rose to a new record

Exchange price of gasoline AI-95 updated historical record on Monday 29 June, second time in a row, after the record on Friday June 26.

the Price of gasoline AI-95 at the St. Petersburg international Mercantile exchange (SPIMEX) 29 Jun rose for the first time to 57,705 thousand rubles per ton (+271 rubles), according to trading on a national index (reflects the weighted average price of petroleum products to all major refineries in Russia).

the Previous record recorded June 26, Friday – 57,434 thousand rubles per ton. Max prices are updated several times a week since June: the beginning of the holiday season and car travel have increased the demand and prices at the gas station.

the Price of AI-92 after a few records earlier in June and may, today, remains at the level of 50,452 thousand rubles, near the previous record high June 18 – 50,463 thousand rubles per ton.

however, according to last week, prices at the gas station in the Central region are growing at around 15 kopecks for AI-92 and AI-95 on average. In the North-West region more expensive gasoline faster — about 30 cents. In the South, gasoline is expensive even noticeable – for 50 cents, and in the Crimea and Sevastopol, the cost of petrol increased by 1.2-1.5 rubles per liter, AI-95, and a liter of AI-92 has risen in price by 50 cents and the price tags are close to 50 rubles per liter.