The storm pirates. Russian patrol will provide security in the Gulf of Aden

the Patrol ship of the Baltic fleet “Yaroslav the Wise” will provide the safe passage of Russian vessels through the Gulf of Aden. As additional protection against pirates, the military will place on the vehicle accompanied by a group of Marines, according to the Agency TASS.

a few days “Yaroslav the Wise” should lead a civilian ship in the Red sea, where they will begin to form a convoy on the way back.

This is not the first watch patrol. “Yaroslav the Wise” provided protection from pirates in the Gulf of Aden in 2016 and 2018.

“Yaroslav the Wise” – the patrol ship of the project 11540. Full displacement of the ship – more than 4 thousand tons, length 129 meters, the crew – 214.

the Main armament – anti-ship missiles Kh-35. Also, the ship carries a reactive mortars RB-6000, torpedo tubes, air defense system “Dagger” and “Dagger”, 100-mm artillery installation.