The story of the sick girl from Chelyabinsk interested in the Investigative Committee

Investigators and ombudsmen investigate the situation, which was one of the families in the Chelyabinsk region. The resident, who was the guardian of three nieces who claims that officials took her children not to let them put on housing law. In turn, custody accused foster mother with neglect. The conditions in which the family lived — now difficult to establish, their house burned down.

Crumbling walls, burnt roof, all that remained of the house of Natalia Galeevoy. In the night a fire killed her husband. According to the preliminary version of the MOE, a fire occurred due to a failure in the mains. The woman called the incident arson.

the story of the nurses of the local hospital, now known all over the Chelyabinsk. This is a twenty-year lease. Niece Natalia suffers from cerebral palsy. Now it weighs a little over 18 pounds, the girl does not move, cannot eat on her own.

for a year Lisa is in rehab. There she was placed after her aunt, who was deprived of parental rights. Base — improper conditions in the home.

With this decision social services Natalia does not agree, after three years of guardianship complaints from the inspectors was not. And believes that the catalyst was the housing problem.

“the Situation was compounded when Natalia Galeeva went to court and proved the rights of his eldest ward Liza Kudryavtseva, on the receiving housing from the state. The court ordered the administration of Sosnovsky district for 5 months to allocate housing, but at this time of Galeev and was deprived of parental rights,” — says Oksana Trufanova, a lawyer.

five months Later, the legitimate meters Lisa has not received. As necessary care, says Natalia. Center staff claim the opposite, saying that they left the patient. Allegedly received the girl in a more serious condition.

“She arrived in worse condition, she had a skin disease, which we’ve treated muscle mass recruit failed, because the food that we balancedized for a normal person, the girl is completely absorbed,” answers Igor Kalinin, Director of the rehabilitation center.

But the facts say otherwise. The girl’s condition recently deteriorated. And expert medical care she received only after the scandal.

Now Lisa is in the palliative Department of the Chelyabinsk hospitals. The doctors diagnosed him with pneumonia. The state is estimated as critical.

“the Girl has a low body weight, a pronounced tachikake, today she is a full palliative care, including intravenous feeding. From pneumonia it gets the antibacterial agent is held to her pain, that is a full range of therapy a child receives today,” he assured Kira Painter, doctor.

the Investigative Committee and the Ministry of social relations of Chelyabinsk region have already started checking on the fact of the improper attitude of the center staff to the patient.