The student confessed to the attempted murder of the wife of the Deputy

the 22-year-old student Nikolay Frolov admitted his guilt and made a confession in a criminal case about attempt at murder of the chief accountant of the company PBF GROUP Svetlana Khananashvili.

As transfers TASS, the public was informed in Gagarinsky court of Moscow the investigator, noting that in this regard, requests the judges to arrest the suspect for two months.

Lawyers Frolov, in turn, was asked to send his client under house arrest, appealing to the fact that his heart defect.

Gagarin Informed the court sent two months in remand prison Director of a private school “Russian Harvard” 36-year-old Vasilisa Maslova, which the consequence calls the customer of a crime. Maslova she pleads not guilty and her defense says that she is pregnant.

In the framework of the criminal case and also arrested 21-year-old Irina Pogarcic.

the investigators believe that the end of 2019, Shen on the grounds of jealousy, decided to kill Svetlana Khananashvili, wife of the Deputy Academic district of Moscow from the Yabloko party, Mikhail Khananashvili. To do this, she recruited two of his former students – Frolov and Pogarcic.

January 9, 2020 the young man caught the wife at the house and stabbed her six times with a knife in the stomach and neck. The victim lost consciousness, but in time she received medical treatment and was urgently taken to the hospital where she is now in serious condition.

He Khananashvili said that Maslova he had only a working relationship.