The suburbs surpassed the number of deaths COVID-19

For the past day in Russia the day was 7.2 thousand new cases COVID-19, according to oberstab. It clarifies that more than 31.5% sick asymptomatic. For all the time of the epidemic in Russia was 606 881 cases of coronavirus infection. The number of new cases in Russia continues to decline: if on Sunday they were 7.7 thousand, it is Tuesday already 7.4 thousand. No new cases have been reported in the Nenets Autonomous district.

the day in Russia died 154. Moscow, this time in third place for number of deaths, with 14 deaths, it is the fourth time ahead of Saint Petersburg with 38 dead and the Moscow region for the first time is ahead of Moscow from 24 cases.

Over the last day prescribed for recovery 12 393 persons, from them in Moscow — 2020.