The sun is as close to the Ground

the Earth Sunday, January 5, was on the closest distance from the Sun. This gives the opportunity to observe the largest disk of the Sun in a year, reported on the website of the Moscow planetarium.

as a result of the convergence of the Earth and the Sun disk, the celestial bodies in the telescope looks by 3 percent larger than in early July when planets are far from each other. This was told by TASS, the employee of the Moscow planetarium Lyudmila Koshman.

the Perihelion — nearest the Sun in its orbit, the Earth passes once a year in early January. Distance from our planet to the sun at this point is more than 147 million kilometers. The most distant point is the aphelion — the Earth passes in early July, appearing from the Sun at a distance of more than 152 million kilometers. The changing seasons on Earth are caused not by change of the distance from it to the Sun and the tilt of the Earth’s rotation axis to the plane of earth’s orbit, reminded Koshman.

Meanwhile, Metropolitan transport Department reported that in the demonstration hall of the Moscow Central diameters of the square at the Kiev station in Christmas for children will take place the master class of the Moscow planetarium. Master-class “Family of the Sun” from the series of children’s classes of the Moscow planetarium “the Theatre of captivating science.”

workshops lasting 30 minutes will be held from 11:00 to 13:00. Young visitors will tell about the birth of the Sun, its effects on the other planets of the Solar system, the existence of life on other planets.