The Supreme court of Turkey found the ban

Continuing in Turkey for two years the ban is the world’s largest online encyclopedia violates freedom of expression. This decision was made by the country’s highest court, the Associated Press reports, citing Turkish news Agency Anadolu.

the”Wikipedia” was blocked by decision of the government of the country in April 2017, accusing the site of involvement in the “campaign to demonize” the country. It happened after the failure of the encyclopedia to remove content that allegedly depicting Turkey involved in the support of the banned in Russia “Islamic state” and other terrorist organizations.

Blocked the website under the law, allowing the government to limit access to resources, a recognized threat to national security. However, the government, the court’s decision has not yet commented and it is unclear when the suspension will be lifted. Turkish citizens (and the Russians) without any problems find ways to access blocked sites.

Text: To.Hi-tech