The Syrian authorities are preparing a lawsuit against the United States for the looting of oil resources

Syria, together with Russian companies started exploration for oil and gas fields in the Mediterranean sea. The Syrian authorities are preparing for filing a claim against the United States for the looting of oil resources.

“the first time I say this: Syria the beginning of the exploration of oil and gas in the Mediterranean sea together with the Russian companies”, — said the adviser of Syrian President Busana Shaaban in an interview with the Lebanese TV channel.

She noted that the Syrian authorities a few years ago started training in the process.

Specific Russian companies were not named.

Busana Shaaban also said that the Syrian territory and the Syrian oil fields will be exempt from American and other presence; preparing dossiers for filing a lawsuit against Washington, according to RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the defense Ministry said that the United States are smuggling Syrian oil to other countries, the caravans protected by the American private military companies and special forces (the main deposits of the United States took control of in 2018-2019.). And in the words of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, now America steals oil and sells it to Turkey with it before the Americans began to sell Ankara oil, this was done by the terrorist group.