The Syrian military repelled an Israeli missile attack

the Syrian air defense system intercepted several rockets near Damascus.

according to the Syria television, we are talking about rockets fired by Israeli aircraft. In Damascus rocked by at least two powerful explosions. One of the rockets fell 20 kilometres to the South-East of Damascus.

the Israel defense forces (IDF) periodically launches rocket attacks on Syrian territory. Typically, targets are objects, which are Iranian military advisers or supporting Damascus fighters from the Lebanese group “Hezbollah”, reports “Interfax”.

the rocket attack, the IDF refused to comment.

Earlier on Sunday, the terrorist gangs twice attacked positions of Syrian army in Idlib. In one case, the attack was carried out by a detachment consisting of 100 people (the attack is repulsed by artillery fire); in another case the bomber tried to enter the position at a booby-trapped armored car (destroyed). Just a day the area of de-escalation fired 61 times.