The tale will be true once again: surprises and miracles of the

In St. Petersburg — a great show “Scarlet sails”. Now it is not only a city holiday, and Russian.

“Russia” is ready to sail. Command brig put them, manually stretching the rope. Pitches of the order of hundreds. And sails 17: 10 7 oblique and direct. One of the crew works with the foremast, the other with the main mast. The role which tackle busy, distributed in advance.

“the Main difficulty lies in the synchronicity of the lifting of the sail. Somewhere you will stumble, you will not doglyadyvayut — will have to do things new,” — said Yuri balyakin, seaman of the brig “Russia”.

this time the scenery of the “Scarlet sails” other: not a classic, but modern Saint-Petersburg, instead of the spire of Peter and Paul — cone “Lakhta Center”, is an openwork framing Palace bridge — guys Western high-speed diameter. Brig “Russia” comes out this year not the Neva and the Finnish Gulf.

Here, the stronger the wind, higher waves, more foreign vessels. To turn the narrow fairway allows only two places. But the brig “Russia” is capable of all sorts of miracles.

the Decision to hold the show in the waters of the Gulf of Finland was taken because of security reasons — epidemiological situation in St. Petersburg, still requires due diligence, so there’s no audience. But the celebration will be held online. The graduates of this year, there will be no “Scarlet sails”.

“of Course, it would be a big blow if the city and the country has lost this holiday. We all have experienced what happens but were confident that the organizers will think of something,” said the captain, “Russia” Oleg Nikolayev.

city event this year, “Scarlet sails” become a Federal event is an all — Russian prom. Yesterday’s students together with their peers from across the country will be able to turn on the TV and see how the wind filled the sails of the brig fairy and as Assol encountersencouraged by their captain gray.

for the First time, “Scarlet sails” took place in Leningrad, more than half a century ago — in 1968. To put on the Neva a play based on the novel was invented at the Palace of pioneers.

the Festival was revived in 2005 with the Bank “Russia”. And more tradition was never interrupted, despite the difficulties, times of crisis, the sanctions and now the coronavirus.

“Every year we do the impossible. Our objective is to surprise the audience more and more. And we think that we have done something at the limit of their capabilities in the past year, but no, as it turned out, our imagination is capable of more,” — said the Director of the show Michael Kalpakchieva.

the Organizers promise many surprises and wonders. That night — as prophesied to us by the great dreamer Alexander grin fairy tale come true again.