The Taliban claimed responsibility for the downed over Afghanistan the aircraft

Responsibility for the plane crash, the U.S. air force in Afghanistan was taken by fighters of radical movement “the Taliban” (banned in Russia by the decision of the Supreme court in 2003). Air communication node and relay E-11A, was established on the basis of the civil Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, fell in a Taliban controlled district Dikh-Yak.

the Plane was stationed in Kandahar, reports TASS. The number of victims of the crash is unknown, however, it is noted that among the dead were several officers of the Central intelligence Agency. According to preliminary information, on Board EN route from Herat to new Delhi plane were 110. Representatives “the Taliban” assert that the downed U.S. military aircraft.

They posted a video in the crash site. It removed at least two dead. The wreckage of the plane in the video clearly distinguishable identification mark of the air force of the United States. The CIA information about the victims has not commented.

Earlier, the Governor of Ghazni province, said the crash in the province of crashed passenger plane of the company Ariana Afghan Airlines. The airline loss of his plane was denied.