The talks in the Kremlin: Putin and Merkel have agreed on most issues

Russia alone will build “Nord stream-2” and without foreign partners. Such statement Vladimir Putin made at a press conference after talks with Angela Merkel. The German Chancellor, in turn, noted that Germany will support the project, and the ex-territorial us sanctions is exactly the wrong way. The most pressing international issues — the middle East, the Iranian program, Libya, Ukraine — has been discussed in the Kremlin.

Merkel is in Moscow for the first time since 2015, when only one of the European leaders took part in the celebrations on the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the great Victory. With the guard greeting in Russian.

While she walks the long corridors of the Kremlin, it is possible to consider what role the Chancellor, as always, in loose black trousers and jacket with four buttons, this time fuchsia.

Executive room included the Minister of foreign Affairs Lavrov, presidential aide Ushakov and Vladimir Putin himself. Seconds — and with German punctuality, at 14:30 sharp, as planned, from the opposite door, there is the Federal Chancellor. And all notice: tie Putin — accidentally or intentionally — chosen to match her jacket.

“Dear Madam Chancellor, allow me to warmly welcome you to the Moscow Kremlin. We are in constant contact are. Do and internal issues, economic, political, and international issues. I want to thank you for what you have accepted our invitation to discuss all of those issues are most acute, where, as I understand it, we now focus our attention. Welcome,” — said Vladimir Putin.

Communication is not interrupted. All these years the Russian President and the German Chancellor met regularly at international venues and calls back.

“thank you very much, I’m glad to come to Moscow. Actually this is correct. We have different topics that needabout to discuss. This bilateral dialogue and the international agenda that are of interest for our countries. It Is Libya, Syria. So I look forward to our conversation. Thank you for the opportunity to come here, I always convinced that it is better to talk to each other than about each other”, — said Merkel.

for the First time in five years in the Kremlin, brought together a number of German media seats in the press center is not enough, and many have to stand. The visit was unprecedented attention in Germany today, it is the theme of all editorials.

“That’s where the Maas and Merkel doing in the Kremlin? The meeting, originally scheduled for the settlement of the Ukrainian conflict and crisis in Libya, officially declared a “working lunch.” But the visit to Moscow, takes on a whole new character thanks to the US strike on Iranian terrorists, General Qasem Soleimani,” writes Bild.

“as for Syria, sooner to resolve such conflicts, it was decided to call Washington. Today it is necessary to call to Moscow. Without Russia solve the problems of the region is impossible”, — said Das Erste.

“In Syria, Putin cooperates closely with Turkey, despite different interests. The German Federal government looks at all this from the side. Berlin — just a visitor outside the fence,” — said Spiegel.

Putin and Merkel, the Kremlin corridors are first together, then Chancellor calls the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, the Meuse and Lavrov, he is coming from a nearby room. Talk now four, and without interpreters — known that Putin speaks fluent German. Then are divided into pairs: Putin and Lavrov, Merkel and the Maas.

All waiting for the start of the press conference of the leaders of Russia and Germany, set up sound, install cameras. After that no other items in the program there is no more. The German delegation will leave back to Berlin.

Minister of economic development for … says something with the head of “Gazprom” Miller, and according to their very presence is clear: no discussion of the fate of the “Nord stream-2” will not do. Us sanctions, under which the pipeline will not prevent him to finish. Sure Putin and Merkel.

the position of leaders and other issues in many respects similar, particularly in regard to middle East settlement. The Russian President supports the idea of the German Chancellor to hold a peace conference on Libya in Berlin and try to solve the conflict by diplomatic means.

Agreement on all key international issues. In Ukraine and Moscow, and Berlin confirm that the alternative to the Minsk agreements no. They should be in the core of the settlement. Provided that the document will adhere to just before Kiev.

the meeting agreed in Paris in early December, during the negotiations, “Norman Quartet” — then there was still a hint of the worsening situation in the middle East.

But we cannot ignore the murder of Americans by Iranian General Soleimani and the subsequent firing of Iranian missiles U.S. military bases in Iraq. The consequences for the whole world to disentangle. It accidentally shot down the Boeing Ukrainian Iranians, and the Iranian nuclear program, which, after the actions of the United States, the country decided to resume full. To stop the possible creation of the atomic bomb — the task of all sane world community.

For three hours we discussed, it seems all possible issues and most of them came to a common denominator. Germany as a bright representative of European opinion in recent years, increasingly opposes their economic and political interests of the U.S. actions. A clear understanding of this was at today’s talks.