The terrible Australian fires from space turned out to be a collage

the Network appeared images of the Australian fires, showing the scale of the tragedy. One of them shows that the wind carried clouds of smoke to the coast of New Zealand, making the sky on the Islands turned a terrible yellow color. Business Insider claims that uncontrolled forest fires in Australia is so massive that the images from space seen the fires and smoke plume, covering a territory of New Zealand. The area of the cloud is that it could cover almost half of Europe.

Forest fires that are raging in Australia since September last year, has already engulfed an area of 5.1 million hectares and claimed the lives of. The fire killed 24 people, including three firefighters, six people were reported missing.

evacuation of residents Mallacoota locked in a fire trap, even was thrown a Navy. Whose surviving inhabitants were expected on a single beach, which has not reached the flame.

For help in fighting fire firefighters of Australia profit of special forces from other countries. And, in particular, from the United States, where natural fires are also often acquire the scale of a national catastrophe. Current estimates suggest that in Australia burned more than 14 million acres of land, killed about half a billion animals to be relocated to safer areas of the country hundreds of thousands of people.

However, to cope with the fire until it succeeds. Firefighters prevent established in the spring (which is in the southern hemisphere starts in September) hot weather and drought and strong winds.

All fires recorded in Australia within a months time frame. Insane and very sad! Image via Facebook Wettermüller #AustralianFires #australiafire

— WEATHER/ METEO WORLD (@StormchaserUKEU) January 5, 2020

Another impressive picture in social networks accompanies the posts about the Australian fires. Users claim that it is made “in real time”. It is the view of the continent from spaceabout glowing red dots of fires. It is alleged that took pictures of the astronauts of the International space station. However, the publication specializing in the verification of the facts and denial of fakes, says that the image that many took to be a literal picture, modeled on the computer. The site suggest that the authorship of the photos belongs to the famous specialist in three-dimensional visualization Anthony Hirsi. And the “snapshot” made up of NASA satellite data collected since the beginning of December. As Australia inflicted not really raging fires, and all the locations that had been burning since the beginning of the disaster in the last four months.

the Publication notes that the scale of “hot” in the truest sense of the word points on the map a little exaggerated due to the glow render, but in General corresponds to the information from the website of NASA.

At the moment in Australia was 136 forest fires, 69 of which are still not localized. With fire fighting more than 2.5 thousands of firefighters and hundreds of vehicles, including 90 heavy aircraft. The territory of the southern coast of Shoalhaven, located 180 kilometres South of Sydney is completely closed for tourists and local residents ordered to be ready for immediate evacuation.

On the Eastern shore of the state of Victoria, where six areas declared a natural disaster zone, the operation continues evacuation of residents Mallacoota. About 300 people waiting for transport that will take them out of the locked fire of the city, more than 3.5 thousand people have already taken to a safe place by ships of the Royal Australian Navy and military aircraft. As expected, the road connections to Mallacoota will be able to establish not earlier than two weeks.

On the territory of the state of Victoria fire destroyed 1.2 million hectares of forest as a result of fires killed at least two people, and two more are still missing. On the Eastern part of the state burned two power stations, which interruptedabout the power supply more than 2 thousand houses. To leave their homes were forced about 67 thousand people.

the Australian Government counts the damage from fires and plans to allocate about $ 1.4 billion for the restoration of areas affected by forest fires. This was announced by Prime Minister Scott Morrison. During a press conference in Canberra, he said, the authorities intend to create a “national Fund for recovery after forest fires”. In the next two years will be financed by all the rehabilitation work in the regions affected by fire. Through the Fund assistance will be provided to the victims of the fires, farmers, small businesses and forestry. The operator of the Fund will be created on the eve of a special government Agency headed by a former Commissioner of the Australian Federal police Andrew Colvin.

the Total amount of funds spent on payment of allowances and material aid to the victims will be at least 125 million Australian dollars (87,6 million U.S. dollars). More than 25 million dollars of these funds already paid to the victims, another 100 million will soon be distributed to the local authorities in the States of New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Queensland.