The testimony of the

Almost 40 years ago, the builders found a giant gold ingot in a beautiful Park of Alameda, located in the heart of the capital of Mexico. All this time scientists have tried to figure out how he got there. Recently, the same researchers identified that the ingot was part of the treasure of the Aztecs, which was rated hernán cortés and the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago.

Experts from the National Institute of anthropology and history of Mexico, used a special x-ray equipment, in order to study the ingot, weighing 1.93 kilograms. After this analysis, the researchers came to the conclusion that the value was lost by the conquistadors in the night from 30 June to 1 July 1520, during the so-called “Night of sorrow”.

Recall that hernán cortés and other conquistadors arrived in 1519 in the Aztec capital called Tenochtitlan. Soon, he actually took the Aztec Emperor Montezuma II hostage. In June 1520 the Governor of Cuba sent soldiers to arrest Cortez about what he learned. Cortés left Tenochtitlan under the leadership of Pedro de Alvarado, and he went towards the soldiers.

hernán cortés.Illustration Wikimedia Commons.

In his absence, Pedro de Alvarado ordered the killing of priests and military leaders of the Aztecs, as he was afraid of an attack. The result enraged the Aztecs rebelled and drove the Spaniards from the capital to the “Night of sorrow”. But the conquistadors still managed to carry the treasures, some of which was apparently lost on the road. Maybe a gold bar accidentally fell into one of the canals of Tenochtitlan.

Researchers noticed that it is very similar to other products of the Aztecs, made in the same period. According to scientists, the more valuable is the testimony of the “Night of sorrow”.

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