The three fighters of the NATO countries accompanied the Russian bombers

the Fighters from the three countries to NATO was accompanied by a couple of Russian Tu-22M3 bombers over the Black sea. As reports of allied air command NATO, first to meet the aircraft VSK Russia flew two Romanian MiG-21.

Then they gave way to the MiG-29 in Bulgaria. Later Tu-22M3 turned in the direction of Turkish airspace. Republican air force raised to meet them F-16 fighter jets. They escorted the Russians until then, until they turned North.

Recall that on 19 may the Russian HQs reported that two long-range bomber Tu-22M3 carried out planned flight over the Black sea. Combat vehicles held in the air for about 5 hours and flew more than 4.5 thousand kilometers. Especially the military said that the planes of Air and space forces had closely followed all international rules.